Principal's Message

Principal's Message


Elmer Elson Elementary School where we are more than just a school; we are an extension of our students’ families.  As principal I take great pride in the sense of community we have built within our school and the warm, welcoming environment we have created for both current and future families that walk through our doors.  My goal, and the goal of my staff, is to provide a safe, supportive and cooperative place of learning for all of our students.  An environment where we celebrate our student diversity and develop a climate of respect, while encouraging our students to continuously strive for their personal best.


I am also a firm believer that the parents and guardians of our students play an equally important role in every child’s learning experience.  I encourage parents and guardians to be active participants in the daily learning activities and school experiences of their children.  An open, two-way path of communication is vital to the success of our students.


The staff and I are also proud of our community connections and the partnerships that we have established with various groups. We believe that being invested in, and giving back to the community we operate within, gives our students a foundation and appreciation for the thriving community that surrounds our school; the community that they will be a part of as they grow.  We are active in supporting community groups such as the Food Bank, Run for Fun, programs for Seniors, and other local fundraising for projects.


Our school operates under the fundamentals of a child-focused approach. Allowing children to explore and learn from the world around them is a key component of learning at Elmer Elson.  Being proud of  their identities and the identity of our school also plays an important role. Our main entrance displays each student’s picture as well as large picture frames exhibiting school activities.  There are benches for sitting and a reading corner which encourages student collaboration and the family feel we are so proud of.  Each month a different class paints the windows adding to the brightness of the area and allowing each class to share in the school pride.


Learning at Elmer Elson takes place in many shapes and forms. We hope that our efforts toward balancing the serious aspects of learning with the fun of experimenting, and the satisfaction of persevering and the joy of succeeding are more than enough reasons for you and your children to feel at home in our “family”. Our teaching methods create a strong foundation for positive, life-lasting attitudes, skills and memories for our students.  Thank you for being a part of our journey.


Let the learning begin!

Nolan Andriuk