2024-25 Registration

If you attended Elmer Elson Elementary last year you are automatically registered for the next school year. We will send out a Validation Report for you to complete and return to the school.

If you are new to Elmer Elson Elementary or have a child entering Kindergarten you must register.

In order to register a student, parents/guardians will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Completed 2024-25 Student Registration Form, or, if you are registering for the current school year, a completed 2023-24 Student Registration Form.

  • Proof of the student’s age and legal name. Documents accepted are: birth certificate, adoption certificate, student authorization visa, Canadian citizenship papers, passport, or permanent landed immigrant/residence documentation.

  • Intake appointment - an intake appointment may be required for new students. School administration will contact parents accordingly.

  • Notification of special medical conditions or medications for the student.

  • Proof of Residence 

  • Home and business telephone numbers.

  • Name and address of child’s previous school (students coming from another school division).

Please read the FOIP and Media Consent Information before completing your registration. 


Proof of Residence

As part of the regular registration process, proof of residence is required for all Northern Gateway Public Schools students. Parents will be required to provide a copy of their resident legal land address to the school. Proof of residence can be verified with any bill or agreement that proves that this location is the student's legal home address (blue or green sign number for farms and acreages) or street address if residence is in a town or city. 


AGE REQUIREMENTS: Students beginning Kindergarten in 2024 must be at least five years old by December 31, 2024.  Students starting Grade One must be at least six years old by December 31, 2024.