Bus Transportation Registration

Bus Transportation Registration

Step 1 - Transportation Registration Form 

Complete the 2020-21 Student Transportation Registration Form and submit to the Transportation Department by email at transportation@ngps.ca, by mail to Box 840, Whitecourt, AB T7S 1N8, or in person at the Division Office in Whitecourt at 4816-49 Avenue. Please note, all parents/guardians must provide a copy of thier resident legal land address with their registration form. 

Once you have submitted your completed registration form, your child's route information will be added to BusPlanner, our secure Student Transportation Management system. BusPlanner will allow you to view your child's bus route schedule and pay for services directly online.


Step 2 - Create your BusPlanner Parent Portal Account

How to Create your BusPlanner Parent Portal Account


2023-24 Bus Fee Schedule

There are no bus fees for students who live more than 1.0 km (Kindergarten to Grade 6) and 2.0 km (Grade 7-12) away from their designated school (proof of address is required).

Bus Fees are as follows:

Students - Kindergarten to Grade 6 under 1.0 km $371 per child

Grade 7-12 under 2.0 km

$371 per child
Kindergarten Half Time $185 per half day per child
Kindergarten Full Time $371 per child
Family Rate $927 (3 or more children)

Regular Fee plus Supplemental Bus Service Fee

$200 per child (this is in addition to the regular single seat placement of $371 for students who live under 1.0 km Kindergarten to Grade 6 and 2.0 km Grade 7-12 from their designated school, for a total of $571.

Supplemental Bus Service Fee

There is no regular single seat placement fee for students who live 1.0 km for Kindergarten to Grade 6 and 2.0 km for Grade 7012 from their designated school; however, students who do reside more than said distances from their designated school, who wish to access Supplemental Bus Service (alternate seat placement), will be charged the Supplemental Bus Service Fee of $200 per child.

Kindergarten Half Time - Supplemental Bus Service Fee

$100 per child (this is in addition to the regular single placement fee for Kindergarten Half Time students of $185 per regular daily ECS rate, for a total of $285.

Family Rate - Supplemental Bus Service Fee

$500 (3 or more children)

Replacement Bus Pass $6 per pass

* All measurements for distance calculations will be determined by district Routing Software.

For any questions regarding bus fees, please contact the Transportation Department at transportation@ngps.ca, Toll-free at 1-800-262-8674, or directly at 780-778-2800.